Providence Divorce Lawyer

Once you have made the difficult decision to end your marriage, you face a number of other decisions that need to be made at a time when you may be frustrated, emotionally exhausted and uncertain about your future.

An experienced family law attorney whom you can lean on to guide you through the process, and whom you can trust to look out for your best interests, is a necessity. Attorney Brenda F. Rioles, of Rioles Law Offices in Providence, has represented hundreds of Rhode Island residents in divorce and other family law matters for more than 25 years.

Ms. Rioles has earned a reputation as an honest, no-nonsense lawyer who communicates frankly with her clients and who is willing to take a tough stand to protect their interests. She invests a significant amount of time upfront to listen to each client's objectives and help set realistic goals for a positive post-divorce life.

"Throughout the entire process, Brenda provided a deep understanding of things to come and kept me grounded. She has a way of taking the emotion out of discussions, allowing me to make sound decisions for how best to proceed. I always felt prepared for court appearances and unavoidable conversations with my now ex-husband. I was confident that she was working in the best interest of my family."

— Melissa, a satisfied client

A Rhode Island Family Law Attorney Who Is Committed To Your Best Interests

Rioles Law Offices works with clients in the full scope of family law matters that both married and unmarried individuals encounter. Ms. Rioles assists individuals with:

Unless you have been through it before, dealing with these issues can be stressful, confusing, maddening, frustrating and discouraging — all at the same time. Rioles Law Offices will explain the process thoroughly; help you gather the financial records and other information necessary to present your case; and develop a legal strategy that is designed to achieve your key objectives.

Ms. Rioles has extensive experience working with investment real estate, family-owned businesses, and multi-layered pensions and retirement accounts that are frequently part of complex divorces. She has proven extremely capable of putting her clients from all walks of life in the best possible position following divorce.

Rioles Law Offices brings the same personal approach that it is noted for in its family law work to other legal practice areas, including personal injury cases and the creation of wills and trusts for estate planning purposes and criminal matters. Attorney Brenda F. Rioles represents clients throughout Rhode Island.

The firm works with clients throughout Rhode Island. If you have questions for an experienced and highly regarded Providence divorce attorney, call 401-680-9686 or use the contact form to schedule an appointment.