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June 2017 Archives

Review your parenting plan to make sure you understand it

After going through a divorce, you are probably ready to have some time away from your ex. If you have children, you might not be able to get this time because you and your ex will still have to deal with other when it comes to the children. There are several things that you can do to make this easier. Here are a few tips we have for you:

How to fairly divide retirement accounts in a divorce

The process of dividing assets is one of the most complicated parts of getting divorced. You and your former spouse will probably not agree on what is fair and who should get what. The greater the overall value of your assets, the more likely it is that you won't be able to agree without the intervention of the courts. Divorce in Rhode Island looks at all the assets acquired during your marriage, which are called marital assets. From your house and furniture to vehicles and retirement accounts, all assets will get compiled into a list for the courts, who must then decide how to divide them.

Dealing with your children's grief over your divorce

All responsible parents understand that a divorce can be difficult, sad and stressful for children, However, they may not consider that their kids are actually going through a grieving process. While a loved one hasn't died, they've lost the family dynamic they knew and having their parents together as a couple.

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