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Women are increasingly paying their husbands alimony

We often hear of women paying alimony to their ex-husbands only when they are extremely wealthy. For example, earlier this year it was reported that "Modern Family" star Julie Bowen's estranged husband was seeking support from the actress, who earns somewhere around $500,000 per episode of the hit comedy.

How does retirement impact alimony?

When a person is ordered or agrees to pay alimony (spousal support) as part of a divorce, the amount and time frame are designated. Of course, changes to the financial situation of one or both of the former spouses may be grounds for modification of the original spousal support agreement. One of these is often retirement, either by the person paying the alimony or the person receiving it.

Various factors go into alimony support orders

One of the factors that is present in some divorces, but not all, is the possibility of spousal support. There are many different considerations that go into the order for these payments. Whether you are the party requesting the support or the party who might have to pay, you should understand some of the factors that might impact these payments.

What You Should Know When Seeking Alimony

Getting divorced is widely considered to be a stressful process, to say the least. Not only does the entire process trigger painful emotions, but it also requires an in-depth review of marital property intended for fair property division. If you have been a stay-at-home spouse, then getting divorced can adversely affect your daily source of sustenance. As an unemployed or underemployed spouse, getting alimony is no longer a distant thought, but an immediate possibility with the aid of a considerate Judge.

FAQ: Receiving spousal support/alimony

Nearly every aspect of divorce is stressful or emotionally draining in some form or another. If you have been unemployed, underemployed, or a stay-at-home parent for a while, one overwhelming aspect of divorce might be how you will provide for yourself and/or your children. Spousal support or alimony may be ordered by court to help compensate you if you are at a financial disadvantage, but you probably have many questions about how alimony works and how it will affect you.

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