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Build your social life after divorce at your own pace

Many people don't feel like socializing while they're going through a divorce. You may value the company of a close friend with whom you can share your emotions over lunch. However, getting out there and socializing with larger groups of people -- assuming that you used to do that -- can be difficult.

Co-parenting doesn't end when your children become adults

When the children of divorced parents become adults, they no longer have to live with the custody and visitation schedules set up in the divorce agreement. They are generally free to choose with whom to spend time, for how long and how often. However, your job as co-parents continues. How you handle it now that your kids are grown could well impact just how much you see your kids and what kind of relationship you have with them.

High-profile Newport couple battle over where to divorce

The state in which a couple's divorce is handled can make a significant difference in their property division, custody agreement and other important issues. For most couples, the state is not in question. However, for couples who own property and spend time residing in two or more states, it is one of the first matters that needs to be resolved.

Children of divorce can have happy memories

One of the main concerns that all good parents have when they divorce is the impact on their children's lives and how their parents' split will affect the memories they have later in life of their childhood. Even parents who are comfortable financially and can continue to provide a good lifestyle for their kids after divorce worry that their lives won't be as happy as they should be.

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