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What can I do if my spouse hasn't paid alimony?

Once your divorce has been finalized, you'll probably feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Now that all the divorce agreements have been put into place, you can look forward to a fresh start. However, if your ex is not paying you the alimony payments that they were ordered to, this dream of a fresh start may quickly turn into a nightmare.

Factors considered when awarding alimony in Rhode Island

When a couple goes through a divorce, it means that they not only separate physically and emotionally but financially, too. Financial separation can be one of the most complex issues in a divorce because spouses are likely to have become financially intertwined over the years. It's also probable that one spouse will be set to suffer financially as a result of the divorce and the subsequent division of assets.

What will happen if my ex stops paying alimony?

As part of a divorce settlement, some Rhode Island spouses may be awarded alimony payments. These are often paid by the higher-earning spouse for a limited period of time. The spouse who is ordered to pay alimony may not be happy about the ruling, but they are legally obligated to do so unless their request for modification of alimony is accepted.

Under what circumstances can I modify my alimony obligations?

If you have recently gone through a divorce, it is possible that one of your monthly expenses includes alimony payments to your former spouse. Alimony is ordered for the purpose of equalizing any financial inequities that exist when the divorce is finalized. The alimony payments may be ordered temporarily in order to help your spouse work toward financial independence in the future.

How can I lower my alimony obligations?

After a divorce has been finalized in the state of Rhode Island, it is often the case that alimony is awarded to one of the divorcing spouses. This means that one party will need to make payments to the other former spouse for a certain amount of time. These arrangements are rarely permanent, and they are usually seen as a way to help the transition of the divorce become smoother from a financial perspective.

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