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Your attorney can help you locate and price assets in divorce

Divorce can be a difficult time for everyone involved. If your former spouse is attempting to hide assets or retain more of the estate than is legal, you will likely have a difficult divorce. In cases where one spouse is attempting to hide assets, the help of an experienced Rhode Island divorce attorney is critical to an equitable and fair outcome the divorce.

Is it time for a divorce?

The author Herman Hesse famously said, "Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go." This could easily be about divorce. Many try to hang on to a dead marriage because they think they're being strong for the children or holding the family together. Some stubbornly hang on for years and years, ignoring their needs and never living the life they deserve. There are times when it's better for everyone involved to just let go.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey finalize divorce

Let's face it — the phrase "amicable divorce" is, more often than not, an oxymoron. Yes, there are rare cases when a couple "consciously uncouples," everything goes smoothly and neither side harbors any hurt or ill feelings. In most cases, though, divorce is a tough, contentious time as both sides work through the pain of dividing assets, deciding child custody and settling on the ins and outs of support.

Understanding Property Division

When you meet someone, fall in love, and decide to get married, you never imagine that one day you will want to divorce that person. Unfortunately, the reality is that the harder parts of life often interfere with love and about half of the marriages in the United States end in divorce. Divorce is almost always complex, heartbreaking, and expensive. However, when you are a high profile couple or one with many assets, divorce is often much worse.

Understanding Complex Asset Division

As you fall in love and plan to get married, you never anticipate that one day you will be involved in a nasty divorce with the person whom you love. Therefore, many people fail to do their due diligence and obtain a prenuptial agreement prior to their wedding. Unfortunately, for high-profile couples or couples that obtain a great many assets both before and after their marriage, their divorce will be far more complex than the average dissolution. Any divorce is filled with high levels of emotion, stress, and negative feelings. However, high asset divorces tend to be far more complex due to the intricacies and number of assets that need to be analyzed, valued, and divided for the divorce.

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