Careful Attention And Comprehensive Knowledge Is Necessary In High-Asset Divorces

If you and your spouse have accumulated significant assets during your marriage, or if either party brought significant assets into the marriage, dividing those assets in divorce can become complex and contentious.

At Rioles Law Offices in Providence, Rhode Island, attorney Brenda F. Rioles has the experience and knowledge to help high-net-worth clients sort through complex property division matters and protect their interests. The lawyer who represents you in a divorce will help you set your financial life for ensuing years. It is critical to enlist the services of an attorney like Ms. Rioles, who has more than 30 years of family law experience.

No Detail Is Left Unchecked

Ms. Rioles is well-versed in a number of aspects that are common to high-asset divorce, including:

  • Business valuations – The firm enlists assistance from business valuation specialists to assess both the value and debt of a closely held business.
  • Pensions and retirement accounts – These are often among the largest divisible assets in divorce.
  • Investment property – Second homes, rental property and other real estate must be accurately valued.
  • Tax issues – The firm has the legal and financial experience to help you work with the proper professionals to minimize tax consequences.

Oftentimes, clients involved in cases that include substantial assets are concerned about hidden assets. Rioles Law Offices uses forensic accountants and other specialists who can circumvent attempts to obstruct the true value of the marital estate.

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