Thorough, Delicate Representation For High-Asset Divorce Cases

No divorce is immune from the fact that it is a complex legal process. After all, it touches every aspect of a person’s life, from their relationship with their children to their finances and livelihood.

Cases involving individuals or couples with significant assets can be even more complex, requiring additional professional resources and discretion in order to protect the assets and professional interests of high-profile individuals.

At Rioles Law Offices in Providence, Rhode Island, attorney Brenda F. Rioles has the skills, resources and knowledge to represent doctors, lawyers, business executives, business owners and other professionals in divorces where high assets are involved.

Expert Representation To Protect Your Interests

Ms. Rioles leaves nothing to chance. In addition to being well-versed on issues common to high-asset divorce cases, she works with professional experts to resolve issues such as the valuation of closely held businesses and division of real property, pensions and retirement accounts. She also works to ensure any eventual division of marital assets properly accounts for the tax consequences.

In high-asset divorce cases, it is crucial to work with an eye toward the future in order to create a durable agreement that maximizes and protects assets now and well into the future. Shortsighted representation focused on “winning today” can leave people in a worse position post-divorce.

Plan Today For A Better And More Prosperous Tomorrow

You have worked hard to accumulate a high net worth. Rioles Law Offices will work hard to protect your finances during divorce. Call 401-680-9686 to schedule an appointment with a high-asset divorce attorney who will protect your interests.