What Our Clients Say About Us

 “Best Attorney in R.I. Brenda is the most amazing, caring, knowledgeable, and hard working attorney. She helped finalize a very contested divorce after two other attorneys could not. Every email was answered almost immediately. She definitely went above and beyond in helping me. I would not have had the outcome I did if not for her. Her assistant Olivia was so caring, detail oriented, and walked me through every step of any documents I need to prepare. I never had an issue making an appointment or communicating with either Brenda or Olivia. I cannot recommend her enough. She truly in the best in R.I.!” 

Shannon A

“When it comes to ending a marriage, regardless of how long the couple has been together or how simple or complicated their marital life was, divorce is anything but simple – or easy. In the early part of last year, I was blindsided when my husband of 16 years told me he was leaving and wanted a divorce. Our first inclination was to try mediation. However, due to our more complicated circumstances, I learned very quickly that I needed an attorney to advise me – someone to provide advice based on my needs and, more importantly, the needs of my children. As a result, Brenda Rioles was recommended to me by a personal friend who works in another law firm.

I first met with Brenda right after my husband left to get a realistic perspective on a very emotional situation. Brenda attentively listened to the details and entanglements of my life and provided clear and strategic suggestions for next steps. I made her aware of our desire to try mediation first due to financial strains. She then recommended some mediators to interview. However, like I stated before, I realized that I needed to retain her as my personal attorney.

Throughout the entire process, Brenda provided a deep understanding of things to come and kept me grounded. She has a way of taking the emotion out of discussions, allowing me to make sound decisions for how best to proceed. I always felt prepared for court appearances and unavoidable conversations with my now ex-husband. I was confident that she was working in the best interest of my family.

Brenda is a confident, organized and clever individual. She is straightforward and honest, whether you are prepared to hear what she has to say or not. I found her demeanor in the courtroom remarkable. She was aggressive and protective simultaneously. I trust Brenda. She helped me through the hardest thing I have ever had to endure in my life. Truthfully, if this is the worst thing I have to go through, then I know I will be OK in the end.

I highly recommend Rioles Law Offices as a firm. Both Brenda and her assistant, Angel, have always treated me with the upmost respect and professionalism. They have helped me in more than just the divorce proceedings and I will always be grateful for their moments of taking the time to listen, their intuitiveness for when I couldn’t find the words and their understanding of how difficult divorce can be. No one is prepared for what lies ahead, but in this situation, Brenda helped ease me through to the other side.”

Melissa Picard