Life Changes May Require Modifications To Existing Orders

Changes occur after a divorce is final that may require modifications to an original child custody or child support agreement. These changes must be approved by the court, even if they seem minor.

Rioles Law Offices in Providence, Rhode Island, offers thorough knowledge of the procedure and circumstances that must be shown to amend a court order. Brenda F. Rioles, a family law lawyer with more than 30 years of experience, can assist you in presenting a request for modification or defend against one.

Common reasons that a parent may seek modifications to a child support or child custody agreement include:

  • A parent’s recent significant increase or decrease in income
  • A child’s or ex-spouse’s substantial increase or decrease in need
  • A child’s or ex-spouse’s extended illness or injury
  • Extended unemployment
  • Conditions such as alcohol or drug abuse in the child’s household that create a dangerous environment to be around
  • Preference of the child given the child’s age and level of maturity

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A change in custody is just as important to the child’s well-being as the original court order, so all parties involved are afforded the same type of hearing as they received when the case was originally heard.

If a parent relocates out of state, child custody and visitation orders may be modified. The court may reduce child support payments to make up for the cost of transportation for child visits, or change the visitation schedule from alternate weekends to longer visits during school breaks and summer vacation. The court will consider the reasonable preference of the child if the court deems the child to be of sufficient intelligence, understanding and experience to express a preference.

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