Mediation Services

Divorce has a representation in our society as being a knock-down, drag-out fight that spares no expense. While some divorces do involve protracted, expensive legal battles that result in drained bank accounts and deep scars, it does not have to be that way. How a divorce plays out is ultimately up to the participants.

At Rioles Law Offices in Providence, we strive to resolve divorce and family law matters through negotiation or mediation whenever possible. It has been their experience that most men and women approaching divorce and child custody issues in Rhode Island feel the same way. They would prefer to spare their feelings and save their financial assets for their post-divorce life.

Mediation Services Are The Answer

Resolving family law issues through mediation offers a more dignified setting than burning down the proverbial house in court.

In mediation, both parties are often, but not always, represented by their own lawyers who assist them in facilitating a discussion with a mediator about issues where there is disagreement. The parties then can engage in effective mediation between themselves and the mediator, which is a confidential process that can result in a solution that works for everyone, including a couple’s children.

Mediation can be beneficial for couples from all walks of life, from couples with significant financial assets to couples who wish to keep the proceedings of their divorce out of the public court system.

Place Your Future In Your Hands

Whenever possible, it is wise to work together to resolve issues rather than leave your fate in the hands of a judge who does not know you or your need. Contact Rioles Law Offices today to schedule a consultation with an experienced mediator.

Both attorneys Brenda Rioles and Paul Rioles are trained and certified mediators in addition to their litigation skills.