Alimony Laws Have Shifted Over The Years

It’s Important To Work With A Lawyer Who Understands Your Rights In This Area

Spousal support or alimony refers to the financial support provided to a spouse after a legal separation. Decades ago, courts ordered spousal support be paid for several years or even permanently. Now, it is typically paid only for a limited amount of time in order to allow the recipient to receive the necessary training or education to become financially self-supporting. This is often one of the more highly contested issues in a divorce matter.

There are a number of factors that a family court judge considers when setting the amount to be paid. These include:

  • Both parties’ occupations and income
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The time it will take for the recipient to find employment or acquire education
  • Children’s needs
  • The standard of living that both parties enjoyed while still married

Protecting Your Rights, Whether You Receive Or Pay Alimony

Rioles Law Offices in Providence, Rhode Island, provides legal counsel on the full scope of legal issues involved in divorce, including determination of spousal support. Attorney Brenda F. Rioles invests the time necessary to gain a full understanding of your situation in order to present a clear picture of your finances and needs as you prepare for post-divorce life.

If you have been focused on raising children or otherwise engaged in domestic activities, it is important to spell out your specific plan for becoming self-sufficient in order to receive the court support you deserve.

Reaching A Fair Agreement

Ms. Rioles will guide you through the necessary preparation and recommend a full and fair amount to the court on your behalf. Of course, it is always best if you and your spouse can reach an agreement on alimony ahead of time in order to avoid a lengthy and emotionally taxing litigation process.

She has a thorough understanding of how to reach an equitable alimony arrangement, and a good sense of how the court will act given the circumstances involved. With more than 30 years of legal experience, Ms. Rioles has presented cases before many Rhode Island family court judges. As a result, she can advise her clients on how different judges may view or interpret the law, not only regarding alimony, but in all aspects of family law.

Often, she is able to negotiate a full and fair alimony amount without the need to go to trial. If a fair agreement cannot be reached, however, she is proven effective at fighting for what her clients deserve.

Meet With An Experienced Alimony Lawyer

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