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December 2016 Archives

Divorce 101: Saving the business

Things were great in the beginning. You and your wife met in college at the business school mixer your junior year. You each finished your accounting degrees, spent endless nights studying for the CPA exam while working ridiculous hours during tax season, and finally opened your own practice in Rhode Island.

Do inheritances get divided in a divorce?

The process of divorce can be long and confusing, so if you're going through one right now, you probably have a lot of questions. Who will get custody of the children? Will I need to pay alimony? How will property be divided? On our blog we look into many of these questions and in this post will take a look at one aspect of property division that often comes into play during a divorce: inheritances.

Finding hidden assets in a divorce

Divorce is a difficult time, regardless of the wealth of the couple divorcing. However, high asset divorces differ in a variety of ways. First, wealthy couples typically have complex and diverse financial holdings, making it difficult to take an accurate tally. On top of this, if one spouse is inclined to try and hide assets, he or she typically has the money and connections to do so.

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