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February 2018 Archives

Help your kids share vacation memories after divorce

With spring break approaching and then summer not too far behind, newly-separated or divorced parents may be dreading spending time away from their kids while they're off making memories with their other parent. Vacations make up some of our best memories -- both as children and then as parents. How can co-parents work to help ensure that vacations continue to be special for their kids and to let both parents share in vacation adventures, even when they aren't present?

A spouse's spending habits can lead to divorce

Differences in attitudes and behavior when it comes to money are among the greatest sources of tension in many marriages, whether a couple has limited assets or considerable ones. It's important for couples to have some frank discussions about money before they marry or even before they get engaged.

Don't assume that you don't need a prenup

Although prenuptial agreements are becoming more common, many people still think that unless they have significant assets going into a marriage, they don't need one. That's why we want to discuss a few scenarios where those who don't have a lot of money when they wed should get a prenup to protect themselves and others when the marriage ends in death or divorce (and, face it, those are the only two options).

The importance of creating new 'holidays' to share with your kids

For children of divorce and their parents, major holidays can be among the most difficult times of the year. Often, children spend major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving with just one parent, which can be bittersweet for them and sad for the parent who isn't there. Attempts to spend the holidays together as a family after divorce can be even worse if ex-spouses have difficulty being around each other, let alone their former in-laws.

How do judges divide up assets during a divorce in Rhode Island?

When a couple divorces in Rhode Island, all marital property is divided according to equitable division rules. This means that a judge will largely base their decision about how to divide up property between you and your ex by taking into consideration what they deem is fair.

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