The idea behind requiring a non-custodial parent to pay child support to the custodial one centers around the idea that both parents should be required to be equally responsible for the care of their shared child. In certain circumstances, though, situations arise in which either needs of the child or financial circumstances of the parent change, necessitating one parent or the other to request that the child support order be changed.

As for a request that the ordered amount be decreased, there are a number circumstances in which this type modification may be permitted. Among those, the non-custodial parent may have been assigned to work a reduced schedule, lost his or her job or had his or her health insurance benefits removed.

At the same time, there are a number of circumstances that may lead to a child support order either being suspended or terminated altogether. Factors leading to this occurring include the non-custodial parent reconciling with the other parent, the custody of the child changing or one of the parents becoming incarcerated.

Although there are situations in which the non-custodial parent may seek to have his or her child support obligation decreased or terminated; there are certain cases in which the custodial parent may feel it either necessary or justified to seek a modified increase to the child support order as well. A custodial parent being able to demonstrate that there’s been a change to their child’s needs is perhaps the most common one.

However, the custodial parent coming into the knowledge that the non-custodial parent is either working more hours or earning higher pay are also quite common reasons for seeking an increase. On the same token, the custodial parent being able to prove that either his or her scheduled hours or pay have been reduced can positively impact his or her claim for an increased support as well.

In filing a child support modification request, a representative with the Rhode Island Department of Human Services’s Child Support Services Office will review and make a decision as to how to handle the request. If you are seeking a modification to your child support order, a Providence, Rhode Island, family law attorney can provide guidance in child support matters and other divorce-related issues.