Now that the busy vacation season is here, it is time for parents to make last minute plans for travel. When a parent has to deal with the conditions of a child custody agreement, this can be a bit more difficult than what it is for other parents.

Before you make plans to travel with your child, you should review the child custody paperwork. This can help you ensure that you are in compliance with the order. In some cases, you might have to alert the court or the child’s other parent about the travel plans. Make sure that you do this in advance of the trip so that you can address any issues that might occur.

We understand that you might not enjoy the thought of having to deal with your ex on these matters. You should remember that you and your ex still share a child, so you are going to have to continue to deal with each other at least until the child reaches adulthood.

Another thing that you need to think about right now is what you are going to do about your job when your child is at your home this summer. If your child needs a babysitter, now is the time to make those plans. You might be able to work with family members to find care, but you can also look into daycare, summer care programs or private babysitters.

You should also plan for your child to communicate with your ex while you have the child with you. Whether this is by using video chats or phone calls, this is usually very important for the child.

We can help you to find solutions to any issues that might creep up with your child custody order. Take action now so you have time to address any issues that need to be addressed.