You might think you’re being smart and levelheaded about your divorce process, but navigating a marital breakup can be tricky. It’s fairly easy to fall into various traps and make a host of mistakes.

The types of mistakes a particular person may be prone to make during divorce will usually depend on his or her personality, background and emotional makeup. However, the following mistakes — if you’re susceptible to them — could ruin your chances for a swift and easy divorce. You may want to avoid them like the plague. 

1. Allowing your emotions to overtake your reasoning

If you let your emotions cloud your judgment, you could make some very big mistakes, even potentially ruining your chances to respectfully and peacefully divorce from your spouse. To avoid the potential for emotional outbursts or emotion-based decision-making, try to view your divorce as a business transaction. Also, having solid legal guidance could help with staying objective with your decisions.

2. Putting the wrong things on your social media accounts

Social media is a fun way to connect with friends, but the things you post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter could be construed and/or misinterpreted by the court. For some, the safest bet is to simply stay off of social media completely until divorce proceedings have completed. You may even want to temporarily close down your accounts during this time.

3. Forgetting to document everything and not staying organized

You need to stay organized with your financial and legal paperwork, and you need to document your emails and texts. You may also want to take notes about your parenting time and what you did for and with your children. All of these notes, financial information and legal documentation could protect you in the event that your spouse tries to challenge you or accuses you of something that isn’t true.

Learn where you stand according to Rhode Island family law

By learning more about Rhode Island family laws and how judges make decisions, you could be better equipped to navigate your divorce quickly and cost-effectively. Knowledge can help greatly in efforts to approach divorce in a mature and educated fashion.