Co-parenting is one of the biggest challenges you can face. As you attempt to raise your child in the best way you know how, you need to take into consideration the other parent.

It doesn’t matter if you have physical custody of your child or visitation rights, you need to remember one thing: Every decision should be based on the best interests of your child.

Virtual visitation is becoming more and more popular, as it allows one or both parents to stay in touch with their child through technology. Some of the most common forms of technology include: video conferencing, instant messaging and video mail.

If you’re interested in virtual visitation, it’s important to discuss this when creating a parenting agreement. This will help avoid trouble in the future, such as if one parent doesn’t want to use technology in this manner.

When does it make sense?

While not always the case, the non-custodial parent typically makes a virtual visitation request.

This is beneficial in many circumstances, such as if the custodial parent lives in another state with the child. Even though you may visit as your schedule allows, to spend time in person with your child, virtual visitation makes it easier to connect on a more regular basis.

What are the benefits?

You may not fully understand the benefits of virtual visitation until you give it a try. This is why it makes sense to at least consider it when creating a parenting agreement.

Some of the many ways you can use virtual visitations to your advantage include:

  • To say goodnight and good morning to your child
  • To help with a project, such as homework, from a distance
  • To witness a special event as it happens, such as a dance recital or baseball game

The primary benefit of virtual visitation is the ability to see your child’s face, as opposed to simply hearing their voice or reading a text-based message.

Technology is changing the world in many ways, including how divorced parents spend time with their children. If you have any questions about child custody and visitation, including the role of virtual visitation, don’t hesitate to learn more. You may come to find that virtual visitation is the best way to improve your relationship.