There are many considerations during the difficult process of separation and divorce. But nothing is more important than the present and future for children of a couple, especially if the couple is no more. Rhode Island recognizes the vital need for services geared toward children of divorce with a state agency dedicated to enhancing their well-being.

What are the duties of the Rhode Island Office of Child Support Services?

The main goal of the office is to identify and encourage parental responsibility. This includes the establishment of paternity for legal reasons, the issue of court orders for child support and modifying or enforcing these orders.

What are the specifics of child support cases?

Every child support case has two parents involved. One is the custodial parent, legally responsible for the child’s upkeep and decisions about his or her upbringing. The other is a noncustodial parent with visitation rights or some custodial rights, but that parent is generally the one who owes child support payments.

What exactly is child support?

The main form of support is money owed by one parent to the other specifically for the needs of children. But that is not all, since circumstances may change if a child’s needs are not being met. Court orders may also mandate nonfinancial needs such as medical care.

Do I need a lawyer to work out child support?

One may generally represent themselves in child support proceedings but it is always recommended to have a lawyer on your side. An attorney may increase the chances of a favorable court order that solidifies the children’s future opportunities.