If you are a divorcee in the state of Rhode Island, you may be subject to spousal support obligations, otherwise known as alimony. Spousal support can be very hard on your finances, and you may be struggling to make ends meet as a result.

It is very common for spouses to wonder whether they are able to make a spousal support modification after some time has passed, in order to relieve some of the financial burdens. If you want to lower these financial obligations, you should take the time to understand the situations in which the spousal support can be modified.

Your former spouse cohabits with another person

If your former spouse has a new partner and they move in together, you may be able to take action in order to reduce the spousal support payments.

You have new financial obligations

If you as the person paying spousal support remarries or has another child, it is likely that you will have increased support obligations to your dependents. In this situation, you may be able to take action to reduce the amount of spousal support that you owe.

You have a decrease in income

If you go through financial struggles due to losing your job or experiencing a loss of income, paying spousal support may be impossible. If you experience this, you should take action to have your obligations modified.

If you think that you should be paying less spousal support, it is important to note that you should be able to document a change of circumstances before filing for a modification.