If you are a single parent in Rhode Island, it is likely that you are dependent to some extent on child support from the other parent. If the parent has fallen behind on their child support, you will probably start to worry about the future of your finances and question whether you will ever see another child support paycheck again.

It is a good idea to take the time to understand how the child support service in Rhode Island takes action to enforce unpaid child support. While they may not be able to physically force the parent to pay the child support immediately, they do what they can in order to make life harder for the parent until they fulfill their child support obligations. The following are some of the consequences of not paying child support in the state.

Intercepting lottery winnings

If a parent who is delinquent in child support payments to the sum of $500 or more, any lottery winnings above the value of $600 will be intercepted and used to pay the arrears.

Being denied a passport

If a parent owes more than $2,500 of child support, they will not be able to successfully apply for a passport until they have paid their arrears in full.

Criminal prosecution

If a parent has the ability to pay child support but has failed to do so for two years or more, they may face criminal action with the possibility of imprisonment, even if the child lives in another state.

It is important that you understand the ways that you can possibly take action to recoup the child support payments you are owed.