If you are going through or contemplating a divorce here in Rhode Island, it is likely that property division will be one of the most important factors of the divorce. The way that property is divided can have a big impact on the quality of life that you are able to enjoy in the post-divorce future. This is why it is vital that you invest time in fighting for the property division outcome that you deserve.

By understanding the way that the law works in Rhode Island, you will be better equipped to know how to take action to get a result that is fair.

What factors are considered by the court when dividing property?

Rhode Island is an equitable distribution state, which means that the courts take many different factors into account when they decide how property should be divided between divorcing spouses.

They will first look into the length of the marriage to determine the extent to which the couple’s finances have become intertwined. If a marriage was relatively short, it is likely that the couple did not acquire a large amount of marital property and did not become excessively financially dependent upon each other.

In addition, the financial and non-financial services that each spouse carried out for the benefit of the marriage will be assessed, as well as each spouse’s future employability.

If you want to make sure that you get a property division settlement that you deserve in your divorce, it is important that you understand the way that the law can help you with this.