When a loved one is in an abusive relationship, disconnection may not always be as easy as leaving home. In most cases, they feel that they have too much invested in the relationship to quit.

However, when they want to quit, getting a divorce may not be as straightforward because of the lack of evidence, especially in the cases of home abuse. More often than not, victims attempting to leave abusive partners get exposed to confrontations and intimidation.

If you want to prove that you are a victim, you need the help of a therapist. A competent professional will make it easier for you to articulate your experiences and struggles before the court. With most abuse cases, it is often one person’s word against that of their partner.

According to the New York Times, a third of abused women cannot prove abuse. When you get help from a third party, you will have the courage to document times, dates, texts, and even record phone conversations. Your therapist will also be a witness who will prove the damage the abusive treatment caused.

If the abuse is physical, it may be helpful to find witnesses. Many victims will do their best to hide any proof of violence. They will find excuses and hide the evidence. But there is always a person who has seen or heard something. Whenever you need to prove abuse, you need people who will testify on your behalf.

Domestic abuse, whether physical or not, affects everyone in the home, especially the children. This mental torture gets eliminated once there is enough proof to file for a divorce and restraining orders.