Now that your marriage has come to an end, your primary focus is on raising good kids. If you share custody of your children with a co-parent, you must exchange the kids at the beginnings and ends of your scheduled parenting time.

While it may be tempting to hand off the kids at your house, doing so may not be ideal. After all, you and your ex-spouse may not have had sufficient time to adjust to your post-divorce worlds. To keep potential conflict in check, picking a neutral spot that is both convenient and safe may be a better approach.


Depending on the language of your custody agreement or parenting plan, you may have to exchange the kids two or three times per week. If your custody hand-off site is not convenient, you and your ex-spouse may spend a significant amount of time traveling to and from the exchange site. An inconvenient location may also frustrate your kids.


There is a good chance you and your children will spend a great deal of time at your chosen custody exchange site. You do not want shady characters, inclement weather, damaged structures or anything else to jeopardize your children’s safety. With a bit of research, you can pick a safe spot to swap the kids.

Even if you have dealt with the negative emotions from your divorce, you do not want your custody exchange to turn into a nightmare. With a neutral, safe and convenient hand-off location, you increase your chances of having a low-stress custody swap.