We noted in our immediately preceding blog post that, where family law is concerned in Rhode Island or elsewhere, “the terrain is singularly wide.”

That is, a dominant focal point in one given case might spotlight custody and visitation concerns, whereas another matter might be predominantly concerned with child and/or spousal support.

And sometimes, as we duly noted in our November 1 entry, issues surrounding a high-asset decoupling can come centrally to the fore.

And they can be many. Moreover, and given the logical likelihood that the asset mix in any such divorce case is quite diverse, complexity will reign in a high-asset marital dissolution.

That reality can render it eminently reasonable for a soon-to-be ex in a high-asset divorce to secure the timely and close help of a family law attorney with a demonstrated record of assisting clients across the full spectrum of considerations that can arise where considerable wealth is featured.

Those considerations can easily encompass matters such as these:

  • Identification, accurate valuation and equitable distribution of pensions and retirement accounts (as well as stock options, bonuses and related savings vehicles)
  • Key decisions regarding a family business (with a focus on things like goodwill, a potential buyout and more)
  • Determinations regarding real estate holdings
  • Tax allocation and avoidance issues

On top of those potential concerns reside a host of other possible considerations that can loom large. Is there a marital contract (prenuptial or postnuptial agreement) that must be taken into account? Do hidden assets seem to be a lurking possibility? Might there be material issues arising that center on the distinction between separate and marital property?

A proven high-asset divorce attorney will have the knowledge and experience to fully represent a high-net-worth client comprehensively and in a manner that fully promotes that individual’s best interests.

Many high-asset divorces are indeed complex. But they are also capable of being negotiated and finalized in good fashion with studied and timely input from proven legal counsel.