Let’s face it ? the phrase “amicable divorce” is, more often than not, an oxymoron. Yes, there are rare cases when a couple “consciously uncouples,” everything goes smoothly and neither side harbors any hurt or ill feelings. In most cases, though, divorce is a tough, contentious time as both sides work through the pain of dividing assets, deciding child custody and settling on the ins and outs of support.

High asset divorce can be even more difficult. High-profile or well-off couples usually have more diverse, complex assets and they often have to go through their ordeal in the public eye.

Such is the case for songstress Mariah Carey and her ex Nick Cannon. They cut ties in 2014, but it took until September of this year to work out the details. In the agreement, Carey will have physical custody of the children, with Cannon getting visitation rights. And, although Carey brought in more money than the America’s Got Talent host, Cannon will have to pay $5,000 a month into a trust for the couple’s two children.

Also included in the terms was an interesting stipulation that the children will not be permitted to call anyone else “mom” or “dad.”

If you’re going through a high asset divorce, even an amicable one, it can be invaluable to have an attorney by your side to represent your interests. An attorney who’s well-versed in the particulars of high asset divorce may be able to find hidden assets, work out a more favorable custody arrangement and fight for better alimony terms.

Source: yahoo.com, “Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Divorce Settlement Has Some Unusual Terms,” Elizabeth Durand Streisand, November 17, 2016