Many people don’t feel like socializing while they’re going through a divorce. You may value the company of a close friend with whom you can share your emotions over lunch. However, getting out there and socializing with larger groups of people — assuming that you used to do that — can be difficult.

Following are some important things to understand about your post-divorce social life.

It will likely change.

You and your spouse may have split “custody” of other couples with whom you socialized. If you weren’t particularly close to either partner in a couple, you may have no interest in seeing them again — even if you casually run into them at the club.

This is an opportunity to make new friends or reconnect with those you haven’t seen for awhile — perhaps because your spouse didn’t like them.

Focus on your kids.

If you’re now a single parent, it may take a lot more to get you to leave your kids. You may choose to focus your social life for a time on kid-centered activities with other parents.

Go slow in re-entering the dating scene.

This is always one of the trickiest parts of rebuilding a social life after divorce — particularly if you have children. You need to consider how even casual dating will impact your kids, let alone getting into a new relationship. You also need some time to get over the emotions you still have regarding your ex so that they don’t spill over and potentially destroy a new relationship before it has begun.

Remember that divorce changes people. Recognize how you and your priorities have changed. It’s healthy to take some time to grieve that former relationship and understand what you want for yourself and your children moving forward. Then take things at whatever pace you feel comfortable.

If you find that anger and other emotions are keeping you from reclaiming your social life, your Rhode Island family law attorney can likely recommend some support groups in the area. These groups can give you a chance to meet new people while still feeling comfortable sharing what you’re dealing with.

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