No one starts a marriage thinking of divorce. But if the decision must be made, spouses serve themselves well to understand the environment of laws and obligations around ending a marriage.

How easy is it to get divorced in Rhode Island?

The Ocean State is generally considered low on the list of easy divorce jurisdictions in the country. While many states and counties allow a divorce filing from a resident of less than six months, Rhode Islanders must have lived in the state for at least a year before he or she can end a marriage.

How long does it take to get a divorce?

A Rhode Island divorce takes at least a year and a half from the initial filing and payment of the $120 filing fee to the court granting the request and spouses signing the papers. At 510 days, the state’s waiting period is one of the longest in the United States.

How expensive is a Rhode Island divorce?

The current statewide average for the cost of a divorce, including legal fees, is just over $13,000. This is partially because many divorces include long negotiations over alimony, child support and other post-divorce issues.

Is there any way to make a divorce easier?

Divorces are always difficult but prenuptial agreements may smooth over possible future disagreements by outlining terms for alimony and related solutions. A lawyer can help spouses create an agreement before tying the knot.

Do I need a lawyer for a divorce?

Results may be more amenable as well as faster when spouses have legal representation. An attorney can take care of filings and other responsibilities so spouses can focus on rebuilding their lives.