As part of a divorce settlement, some Rhode Island spouses may be awarded alimony payments. These are often paid by the higher-earning spouse for a limited period of time. The spouse who is ordered to pay alimony may not be happy about the ruling, but they are legally obligated to do so unless their request for modification of alimony is accepted.

If your former spouse has stopped paying alimony, it is likely that you have lost a source of income upon which you depended greatly. While it is understandable that you’re angry about this, the best thing you can do is to remain calm and depend on the law to ensure that justice is served.

Is the enforcement of alimony taken seriously?

The payment of alimony is a legal obligation when it is ordered by the courts. Therefore, any failure by your ex to make these alimony payments is taken seriously by the courts. But this lapse will perhaps not be taken quite as seriously as a failure to pay child support. This is because the courts prioritize the financial needs of children and want to ensure that child support is paid as a first priority.

What consequences will my former spouse face if they do not pay alimony?

If you can show that your former spouse has not paid the alimony they were ordered to, they can face serious consequences. This might include being charged with contempt of court or even spending time in jail. It is likely that wage garnishment will be utilized to ensure that you receive your alimony payments.

It is important to understand the law in Rhode Island to ensure that you get the alimony payments that you deserve.