Everyone can attest to the fact that divorce is a complicated and costly process. However, there is even more complication when spouses that have amassed property of high value over the years seek divorce. These complications arise, especially when valuing assets and dividing them. It can be a lengthy process that comes with financial implications.

Here at Rioles Family Law, we understand what it takes to have a successful divorce for couples with significant assets in their marriage. We team up with financial experts to help you get the correct valuation of the property and oversee the division of all the assets. Let us take a look at what spouses with high valued assets have done before to divorce successfully.

Talking to experts

Since you may not be well-versed with the law on these matters, you may need help with the whole process; that is where our firm comes in. Even if your spouse locks every joint account or you are not able to pay for our services for any reason, the courts may order the spouse to pay all charges on your behalf.

Putting together all assets

You may need to have a list of all the assets you and your spouse have. After having a long list of everything, you can divide it into separate property and marital property. For separate property that has gained value in the marriage, the earned value is legally a marital property.

Maintaining privacy

It is good to keep court papers involving high asset divorces private because they tend to attract much attention from the public. Therefore, the court can allow you to seal some files that only the parties involved directly in the divorce can view.