When you split from your Rhode Island spouse, you may want to do everything in your power to set yourself up for success on your own. Supporting yourself without your former partner may be among your concerns, and you may be seeking ways to maximize what you walk away when you divorce.

According to Forbes, many women in your shoes neglect to hire financial advisors during their divorces to help them accomplish these objectives, and many of them later wish they had. Statistics show that more than 95% of now-divorced women never made a financial advisor a part of their divorce teams. However, 61% of those women wish they had known to do so. How might a financial advisor help you navigate your Rhode Island divorce?

By helping you set and achieve financial goals

The majority of women who divorce today say that achieving financial stability is among their top concerns. Many divorcing women also have ideas about how they might work toward achieving it.

More than 65% of divorcing women wish to pay off debts, for example. Another 41% have concerns about socking enough money away for a comfortable retirement. More than a quarter of divorcing women prioritize purchasing their own homes in the absence of their partners. Regardless of your financial goals, a financial advisor may help you put the wheels in motion to achieve them.

By helping you consider all assets

Financial advisors who are familiar with divorce cases may also be able to help you by informing you about potentially valuable or big-ticket assets you make have forgotten about. Jewelry, family heirlooms, retirement accounts and college savings accounts are among the potentially valuable assets a financial advisor may help you address in your split.